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We help find ways to volunteer locally & provide information about local businesses that struggle in the current pandemic. Good Deed Basket is a website that connects the world's current and future good samaritans and philanthropists to opportunities in service and charity. We are constantly updating our site to highlight restaurants struggling because of the pandemic, reputable charities in need of donations, and opportunities to volunteer. Good Deed Basket functions like an e-commerce website, where you can create an account, and check out good deeds. For example, if there is an effort to collect kind notes and letters for people in a senior citizens’ center, we will list that opportunity on our “Quick Deeds” page. Good samaritans can then select any one (or more) of the senior citizens on the list and drop them into their “cart.” Then, all you have left to do is check out those deeds, and you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions of how to fulfill your commitment

Good Deed Basket

was founded by two brothers, Kolin & Deaclan Meehan. 
After seeing the devastating economic impact that the COVID-19 pandemic had on communities near them, Kolin and Deaclan wanted to do something to support those in need during this difficult time. 

They started by creating fundraisers for local businesses and collecting thank you letters for frontline workers.    Their efforts required research, planning, communication and outreach, none of which was easy in the era of COVID.

They ultimately created a platform that eliminates many of the extra steps that come with volunteering and helping communities, so that others could easily get involved in meaningful ways.

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