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Blossom Nails in North Bergen

Nail salons were one of the businesses most vulnerable to the coronavirus, along with gyms, tattoo parlors, hair salons, massage therapists and piercing studios.

The owner of North Bergen's top nail salon, Blossom Nails, belongs to more than 250 barbershop and salon owners across New York and New Jersey who are struggling to survive. Allan is one of the best nail technicians in the area and has been running Blossom Nails for the last 20 years. His entire staff is made up of women, most of whom are Latina and Asian immigrants whose livelihood, like so many others, has been impacted by the pandemic.

After salons were allowed to reopen, Blossom Nails implemented safety protocols and welcomed back their customers with open arms. Blossom nails is a full service salon with many services available. Making an appointment is the best way to guarantee availability although they do cater to walk-ins. They are always looking for new clients so check them out and purchase a gift card for your loved ones for the upcoming holidays!

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