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Kids Boutique on Brighton Beach

The majority of clothes bought today are made by fast fashion companies. These brands mass produce cheap, low quality clothing that is attractive because of their discounted prices. Yet these clothes have a huge negative impact on the environment and they are easily disposable. Kids Boutique, located in Brighton Beach, is not one of these companies.

Kids Boutique prides itself on its selection of high quality items that are made to last. Rina’s parents immigrated to America in 1983. 3 years later, Rina’s pregnant mother realized that there were no clothing stores in the area tailored specifically for children. Since then, this business has been successful in supplying the community with clothes that can be saved and passed down for generations.

This store is still run by Rina and her parents. They value keeping the business in the family. Rina’s family cherishes loyalty and it can be seen through the relationships they build with her clients. After 35 years, they still have customers that were there from the start come back to buy their merchandise. Even with the pressure to start an online store, they refuse to forgo building long standing relationships with their customers in person.

However, Kids Boutique was not immune to the financial crisis caused by the pandemic as well as the changing preferences brought about by the introduction of fast fashion. Rina had to drop high end inventory to accommodate her clientele. She says people used to shop for luxury and now they shop for necessity. Despite these challenges, Rina is still able to perfectly curate her selection to fit the needs of the community. She is able to pick out affordable clothing without compromising quality.

Unlike fast fashion companies that dispose of their clothing once it goes out of style, Kids Boutique gives back to the community. Rina collects clothes and shoes for childrens drives, giving children in need items they normally would not have access to.

Kids Boutique has been around for decades because of its dedication to the community and the strong relationships the family has built with their clients. Rina’s family always has each other's backs and makes any customer who steps into the store feel the same way. Rina hopes to encourage people to come see for themselves what a difference investing in high quality clothing can make. Kids Boutique has a beautiful selection of shoes and clothing, and the family makes shopping there an absolute pleasure.

Kids Boutique Address: 232 Brighton Beach Ave Brooklyn, NY 11235 Phone: (718) 769-8373


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