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Ocean View Optical on Brighton Beach Ave

As our economy reckons with the impacts from Covid-19, business owners across the country have demonstrated both grace and strength as they fight to keep their businesses alive. Among those businesses is none other than Oceanview Optical.

Nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, this small, family-owned business is led by the impressive Angela Shef, who operates a tight-knit, community-driven space to deliver top-tier services to a wide array of customers.

As a first-generation businesswoman, the American Dream is baked into Shef's blood. Her parents immigrated from the USSR in 1978, and within a few years, her father helmed a successful optical store. Though it started small, her fathers' savvy instincts and hard work allowed the store to flourish, and his once modest shop led to a lucrative business. Before long, the store became a Brighton Beach staple.

Now Shef takes the reins and continues her father's legacy. Driven by an unparalleled work ethic, Shef expanded her father's business to a sprawling six stores across the Brooklyn area. But ultimately, Shef’s loyalty is anchored in Brighton Beach.

Her dedication to her community is unmatched and is illustrated through her company’s robust services. Most notably, Shef continues the long-standing tradition of conducting house calls, which allows less mobile and elderly patients better able to seek care. In this way, no patient of Shef’s must compromise their own health due to mobility limitations.

Additionally, Shef works to accommodate low-income families by donating sports glasses to underprivileged children. Because she knows that proper eyesight is the key to winning that coveted tennis match or basketball game, Shef takes enormous pride in donating these glasses. Furthermore, Shef has equipped her office to handle all the needs of disabled people, a demographic that often goes unseen.

But perhaps most exciting is how Shef consistently empowers the women in her office, as she has done since 1994 when she made it her mission to hire mostly female staff. In fact, her current staff is made up of three women who once started as file clerks. Shef oversaw their journey and helped them to become professional, working optometrists.

With a premier facility, a proven track-record of delivering exceptional services, and an unwavering dedication to the betterment of her communities’ health and well-being, Oceanview Optical is worthy of any customer. Shef hopes to make a difference with her business to empower the lives of not only Brighton Beach but the lives of Brooklyn as a whole.

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