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Palermo Pizza & Italian Restaurant in North Bergen

As the world continues to recover from what we hope is the peak of the pandemic, restaurants struggle to bounce back to what they were pre-Covid. Just like many other local shops, Palermo Pizza is faced with many challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. This local restaurant is family-owned and operated and serves best pizza & Italian food in town.

Growing up in Italy, owner and chef Nino worked on his family’s farm. In 1985, his family immigrated to America. However Nino never let go of his Italian roots. When he was in high school, his father had a friend that owned a pizzeria and encouraged Nino to get a part time job. From that point on, Nino's growing interest in the industry motivated him to begin working his way up the ladder.

Nino shuffled between restaurants before starting as a chef at Palermo. He worked there before he was presented with the opportunity to purchase the restaurant from the previous owners. Nino's motivation behind taking on this venture was that there is always a future where there is will and strength. He worked together with his family to keep growing Palermo into the success that it is today.

He worked hard to build up the business with his father and brother. They were always coming up with innovative ideas to fit customers' needs. In 1995, they bought the two buildings next door to expand their operations. In 2001, they got a liquor license approved and decided to put a bar in the restaurant.

Nino treats his customers like they are a part of the family. He takes pride in his culture and strives to stay authentic to Italy. Palermo uses ingredients imported from Italy to make fresh pizza daily. They are open seven days a week and offer delivery options as well. Palermo is located at 7407 Broadway, North Bergen, NJ.

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